Natasha “Blondie” J. Wong, born in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, was ushered into a home were the kitchen served as its nucleus. The nuances of life’s joys and sorrows could be captured in a single meal. Food has always been the glue that binds her family and friendships together.

Chef Wong attributes her culinary gifts to her parents, both of whom possess enviable talents in the kitchen. Born to a Trinidadian born mom, (Ruby James) and her father (Melvin Wong) also born in Trinidad, of Chinese-Trinidadian heritage. Roasting, braising, smoking, sautéing and creating roués were a normal language in my home – it is with these roots that Natasha has forged a love of exploring the flavor fusion between these two cultures.

Natasha found great success in other careers, but after spending a lifetime cooking, baking and catering around the country. It was now time to honor her culinary gifts with the apt moniker of chef.

Her skills became widely known in the Florida market, more specifically Miami and Central Florida, where her clients varied from corporate executives, professional athletes, and city/county officials. She prides herself in creating a sensual experience with food, for those who are fortunate to dine. Chef Wong notes that she becomes inspired when visiting her local Farmer’s Market in Georgia. She finds great joy in employing some of nature’s freshest ingredients to create a delicate fusion of Caribbean and Asian cuisine from an imaginative concept.


Her tireless pursuit of innovation, with a quest for perfection, has made her a natural fit to creating gastronomic artistry at BarONE’s family of lounges. Chef Natasha Wong has recently relocated to Atlanta, Georgia with her dog Scooby.